61.1 SPIRIT, FALL 2022


part i. home

“How to Lick the Tongue of Black Ice” Destiny Pitters
“The House” Wiley Wei-Chiun Ho
“Inheritance” Hava Zitlalik
“Undone” Hava Zitlalik
“Further Proof of Second-class Status within
the Empire” Moni Brar
“my mother hands me landscapes” Khashayar “Kess” Mohammadi
“the psychedelia of discovery” Khashayar “Kess” Mohammadi
“Linden” Leanne Charette
“Taking the Waters” smeep

part ii. orbit

“The Lemon and The Dress” JT Maruyama
“Woman/Ghost” Mirjana Villeneuve
“Funerary Rumors” Robert Walikis
“An Occupation” Rebecca Hirsch Garcia
“Still, night thoughts” Erin Conway-Smith
“Lichtenberg Figures” Courtney Bill
“Lullaby” Leanne Charette
“Auditory Longing” Leanne Boschman
“From Nothing” Gabriel Furshong
“Kitchen Table Angelology” Hannah Yerington
“Plants of the Book” Hannah Yerington

part iii. journey

“Fabulation Day” Wendy Brandmark
“On Anise” Olivia M Sokolowski
“Eschatology at 417 ppm” Gabriel Furshong
“Heart Pump, Pedal Pump” Moni Brar
“We Want to Hear From You” Garrett Saleen