60.4 – SUMMER 2022



Vinh Nguyen  “Waiting, Resolution”


Kelly Pedro “People Are Not That Honest”
Robert McGill “Your Puppy Meets the World”
Dylan Fisher “The Boys”
Candice May “Dad as House”
Alison Stevenson “In the Garden”
Jeremy Colangelo “Consolation of the Cat-Sitter”


Anne Baldo “the secrets of monsters”
Sage Ravenwood “Triskaidekaphobia”
Glenn Shaheen “Jumping from High Places in Twelve
Open World Video Games”
Pauline Peters “In the Garden of Remembrance”
Sarah Yi Mei Tsiang “Walking on Water”
Katie Martí “photo album (’79)”
Saya Watanabe “Earthquake”
Ruby Hansen Murray “Goodness!”
Kiala Löytömäki “This Too, Is a Type of Love”
Jessica Le “Breakfast at T&T”
Alison Braid “Fear of Desire”
nina jane drystek “late hibernal”
Dominik Parisien “naming a plant after the dead”