60.1, WONDER, FALL 2021

CONTENTS: “Most Nights” – Suzannah Showler ,   “Pretext” – Moni Brar,What Are the Ethics of Picking a Stinging Plant?” – Delani Valin, “Ganga” – Sarmista Das, “How You’ll Feel After the War” – Shaelin Bishop, “Black Dog Days” – Brent Taylor, “Mycelium” – Véronique Darwin, “Pandemia” – Morgan Cross, “Rainbringer” – Wendy Elizabeth Wallace, “Bird With Lavender Tongue” – Lisa Slage Robinson, “Nocturne for Second Banana” – Jim Marino, “Recovery Poem ” – K Ho, “Fire Ant” – Kyeren Regehr, “Not Those Roaches” – Puneet Dutt, “Little Bones” – Meghan Kemp-Gee, “San Vito Di Altivole, 1994″ – Genevieve Wynand, “Birthday Party” – Connie Pan, “Cemetery of the New Blacks” – Alex Simões translated by Carolyne Wright, “It is relevant that I’m ovulating” – Lisa Baird, “Love: A TSwift Story” – Emma Rhodes, “Parable of Processed Cheese” – Jason Spencer, “A starting point rather than a parting” – Mike Alexander, “Even Now” – Cale Plett, “Songs of My Faucets” – Sik Siu Siu, “Birds in the Very Early Universe” – Dagne Forrest, “The Issue of Tsar Nicholas’ Teeth” – Ciarán Volke