59.4 – SUMMER 2021


judge’s essay

“Who Said Curiosity Killed the Cat? Or, stories that take us.” by Téa Mutonji


“Lady” by Zilla Jones
“Ada and Jezz” by Cara Marks
“Slide” by Kyle Raymond Fitzpatrick
“Street Signs” by Joelle Kidd
“Ugly” by Amorina Kingdon
“The Coca-Cola Baby” by Jessica Bloom


“actually babylon of the whore” by Sophie Crocker
“The Bamboo Cutter’s Daughter” by Sara Truuvert
“Consider the Peony” by Helen Han Wei Luo
“born” by alyssa hanna
“Kashmiri Sala” by Huma Sheikh
“The Ocean & The Oil Spill” by Rachael Moorthy
“Worse Than That Dream about Losing All My Teeth” by David Ly
“Breakfast / El desayuno” by Luis Alberto de Cuenca
Trans. Gustavo Pérez Firmat

“Somatofaun” by Julian Gunn
“The archaeology magazine” by Caroline Harper New
“Morning After” by William Bonfiglio
“I Dreamt I Was Yuffie Kisaragi” by Eric Wang
“FernGully is No More” by Joel Harris
“drinking light” by Laura Mota

After a conversation with Felix and
Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s Journey to the Shore