59.2 – WINTER 2021

Alexander Chee — Acts of Magic



Caragana Ennis — A Bird-Shaped Hole in History
Fríða Ísberg— Profile; translated by Larissa Kyzer
Eliamani Ismail — Ohio


Angelique Stevens — Ghost Bread
Stacey May Fowles — Like a Branch From a Tree in a Storm
Joshua Whitehead — Me, the Joshua Tree



Ariel Gordon — Pandemic Diary, Day 32
Christina Shah — interior bar, 1986
kari teicher — this is how you prepare a fish
Zachery Cooper — Hereditary
Stephanie Jean — Conch
Colin Morton — Tinnitus
Leanne Toshiko Simpson — (re)visiting hours are over
Tolu Oloruntoba — Ariadne Speaks after Clint Smith
Geoffrey Morrison — Confined Space Rescue
Emma DePanise — Octopus as Apparent Motion
Brent Cassan — Starfield West
Maryam Gowralli — Ibid, II: Ancestral Hotline
Ellie Sawatzky — A Synonym for Oracle
Henri Meschonnic — they are without eyes they are without hands; translated by Gaby Bedetti and Don Boes
Edward Dewar — Skunk
Isabella Wang — Serenade No. 1 in Sunflowers; for Mikayla