58.3 – SPRAWL, SPRING 2020

judge’s essay

“So Many Individual Units of Love and Meaning, or Judging Poetry

Contests is F*cking Hard,” Katherena Vermette


“Lady with the big head chronicle,” Angélique Lalonde

“I Could Almost Mistake this Gold Peninsula for Gospel,” Amy M. Alvarez

“Lancashire North West England” and “Six Months in Preston,” Caroline McDonald

“rubber,” Cassandra Blanchard

“back alley romance,” Cooper Skjeie

“The Dance of the Cygnets,” Carmella Gray-Cosgrove


“A Great Fall,” Becky Hagenston

“you should message me if,” a.m. kozak

“why the sex addict is a porkchop preteNDN,” Cody Caetano

“A Trick of the Dark,” Paola Ferrante

“dyke seeks a non-euclidean utopia, or alternatively a femme top language,” Kate Wallace Fry

“Jungle, at Voltage,” Hari Alluri

“The Ethics of Sex Dreams,” Helen McClory

“what’s your bodypolitik?” Lou Garcia-Dolnik

“The Spring of Grade Nine,” Colleen Baran

“VR,” Benjamin Swett


“Phenomenology of Night,” Jade Wallace

“Not Everything at Once,” Liz Worth

“Pedicure at Pinky’s,” Grace Lau

“Wishbone,” Shaelin Bishop

“Contretemps,” Jade Wallace